ATMINSEC ATM Innovation and Security Conference EMEA will be organized on 01-02 June 2022 as a live virtual conference. ATMINSEC is a global and niche conference with its focus on ATM Innovation and Security technologies and solutions. ATMINSEC Conference presents a perfect platform for solution providers to introduce their solutions including platform, system, software, hardware, services and consultancy. ATMINSEC is one of the most important conferences in EMEA region on ATM Innovation and Security technologies and solutions. An intensive participation is expected to ATMINSEC 2022 Conference from many countries of the world. The only thing that the attendees need to attend to the virtual conference is their computers, phones or tablets with internet connection. We recommend you not to miss this great event.

    During ATMINSEC Conference, the speakers will share their visions, experience, knowledge and forecasts with the attendees. The online conference speeches will be in English and live stream.

    ATMINSEC will have a virtual exhibition area at where sponsor companies will introduce and demonstrate their solutions to the attendees. ATMINSEC Conference will be a great opportunity for the sponsor companies to introduce their latest technologies and solutions and carry out demonstrations of their solutions. Attendees should get information about the solutions of sponsor companies by visiting the virtual exhibition area.
    The Benefits of the Virtual Conference for Attendees and Sponsors:

    • - Accessible on computers, phones or tablets anywhere.
    • - Engage audiences with various online tools including live polls, session Q&A, surveys and session feedback.
    • - Great virtual networking opportunities.
    • - Sessions with live stream videos.
    • - Virtual meetings.
    • - Attendee matchmaking.
    • - Virtual exhibition hall for the sponsors.
    • - Interactive virtual booths for the sponsors. Booth staff at the virtual booth.
    • - By visiting the virtual booths of sponsors, the attendees should get information about the solutions of the sponsor companies.
    • - Great virtual platform for the sponsors for the introduction of their solutions, brand reputation and brand awareness.

    Main topics of the ATMINSEC Conference are presented below:
    • - ATM Innovation
    • - ATM Security
    • - ATM Logical Security Solutions
    • - ATM Physical Security Solutions
    • - ATM Management Solutions
    • - ATM Payments Solutions
    • - ATM Application Solutions
    • - ATM Fraud Prevention Solutions
    • - ATM Access Management Solutions
    • - ATM Cyber Security Solutions


      Below professionals of institutions operating in the Banking Sector:

      • - Top Management including CEO, CTO, CDO, CIO, COO
      • - Group Directors, Directors, Department Heads, Group Managers and Managers of Alternative Delivery Channels
      • - ATM Security Directors, Group Managers, Managers
      • - Banking Innovation Professionals
      • - ATM Security Professionals
      • - Secure Banking Professionals
      • - ATM Management Professionals
      • - ATM Cyber Security Professionals
      • - ATM Network Security Professionals
      • - ATM Application Security Professionals
      • - Secure Payment Professionals
      • - Retail Banking Professionals
      • - Branchless Banking Professionals
      • - Alternative Distribution Channel Professionals
      • - Digital Banking Professionals
      • - Payment Systems Professionals
      • - Payment Processing Systems Professionals
      • - Payment Infrastructure Professionals
      • - Payment Management Professionals
      • - Payments Transformation Professionals
      • - Cards Payments Professionals
      • - IT Department Professionals
      • - Risk Management Professionals
      • - Fraud Prevention Professionals
      • - Internal Audit Professionals
      • - Purchasing Department Professionals



    • Enbiltek


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